Cloud and Virtualization

So do I need a server? Backup my file depository? What makes my email work? Where do I put it, how do I maintain it all. Well that’s why a Virtual IT Manager can help you answer these questions for your business.

The current trends are moving computing services towards the “Cloud”. How does it work? What does it mean? Real computers on-site are being replaced by off-site virtual computer power. Virtualisation refers to the act of creating virtual versions of physical servers, including virtual computer hardware platforms, operating systems, storage devices, and computer network resources.

Cloud is networking these virtual things together, which can be confusing. Virtualisation is the single most cost effective way to build the platform your business will run on and allow you get to more for less.

These are all cloud. Office 365, Microsoft Azure, VMWare, Hotmail, Gmail, OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box. You might be using some of these already.

And you can have access to that too. But it should be part of an overall strategy so that you are using the right tools for the job at hand. If your internet is setup correctly, you can have access to these services and use them to support your business. There is usually no need for expensive upfront costs, you can go cloud and spend as you consume the product. Pay as you go.

No matter what you are using now, you can be migrated to the newer cheaper technologies that will enable your business to access these cloud technologies. Its just a case of understanding what you have, what you want and working out how to get there. This is why a Virtual IT Manager can help you at a cost effective point and we offer the IT Strategy Review to steer you through these options to get something you understand and works for your business.



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