Virtual IT Manager

Smaller companies would like to have a dedicated specialist in charge of their Information Technology. But many of those same companies simply cannot justify the cost of recruiting and retaining such a highly-paid and permanent member of staff and thus they lose out on the many benefits that having an experienced head of IT brings. The founder of the company has 15 years track record of heading up IT in a FCA regulated bank in the heart of the City. We aim to offer a personalised service employing all of the skills required to perform the role of an IT Manager on an as-needed basis. We can deploy as much or as little resource as your changing requirements dictate. For many companies this flexible approach offers an attractive and viable alternative to regular employment options.


Why your Business needs a Virtual IT Manager

There are many scenarios in which a Virtual IT Manager Service can prove to be attractive:

  • you are looking for more cost-effective solutions to the IT issues you face, while still maintaining a competitive edge
  • you need to drive down costs, ensuring every penny of your IT budget is spent wisely and effectively
  • you are growing, facing numerous business challenges and want to be sure you have all your IT bases covered, including having an IT strategy in place that supports the current and future needs of the company
  • you are in a stable situation but want to ensure everything is running smoothly, all issues are being handled correctly and that problems are not gathering for the future
  • your existing IT director/manager is leaving and you are looking for an interim solution


What are the benefits of the Virtual IT Manager Service?

  • un-biased advice that you can trust as we are not salesmen just trying to sell you anything
  • a technical plan tailored to fit your business needs
  • a highly experienced Virtual IT Manager, with the broadest skill-set, readily available
  • flexible cost effective service – you use only as much as you need
  • no on-going costs of employment
  • more resources can be sourced and managed as needed for bigger projects.


Why not talk to us?

Email Us!

We can start a dialogue at no risk or cost to you. We can discuss your requirements over a coffee and see if we can work along the same lines. Should things progress and you want to engage with us, the next step would be to do an initial review of your company and current IT solutions so that I can get to understand your business better. This arrangement will be on your terms and can be flexible. In order to fully appreciate all of your key business issues, we will ask lots of questions to enable the development of an IT Strategy that encompasses any potential work required.



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